Our Story

Delanea Davis and Rita MacRae met in the fall of 2013 at a women's empowerment workshop.  Knowing little about each other, Rita's first words to Delanea were: "We are going to be in business together".  Delanea's response: "I know".  

On the surface, this nurse/psychologist and this corporate business strategist seemingly had little in common.  However on an intuitive level, they were both drawn to help people understand the connection between mind and body, and how to access a higher level wisdom to lead us down our paths of ultimate joy.

From this concept evolved a consulting company for those ready to embrace change and shift their personal and professional paradigm around how great life can really be. 

Alas, Solstice was born.    

Our Vision is to create a safe, supportive environment that inspires others to explore their own internal wisdom for insight into how to live a peaceful life of health, wealth and joy. 

Our Mission is to eradicate fear in the world by creating a global culture of love and abundance that leads to there being enough of everything for everyone.

Our Goals are to 1) Become the world's most respected and trusted advisors in global healing and conflict resolution; 2) Empower 1 billion men and women by 2020 to be conscious leaders and 3) Deliver our mission by the year 2215 (200 years from now). 

We have a 200 year plan.  Yes, a 200 year plan.  How will we achieve it?

Vision.  Passion.  Love.  Intensity.  Courage.  

These are the attributes of some of our favorite people who changed the world.  They had a vision and devoted their lives to making the world a better place.  Martin Luther King.  Galileo.  Steve Jobs.  Oprah. Carl Jung.  Sir Richard Branson.  Deepak Chopra.   We speak of these individuals often.  In the rare moments that we feel fear or self doubt, we think of these individuals and are inspired to keep going to pursue a mission that is bigger than us.  One year down, 199 to go...