Mind-Body Medicine*

Did you know that physical aches and pains can come from an emotional or spiritual source?  Our emotional and physical pain is inter-connected.     


Discover how to unlock your bodies healing potential, by working with our world class team of holistic professionals. You will matched to the Mind-Body Medicine professional that will best meet your healing needs. In each session, our professionals are here to help guide you to a happier and healthier you.


What you can expect

Learn how to discover the patterns of pain and imbalance in your mind, body and spirit so you can address the root cause and heal yourself from the inside-out. This is accomplished by addressing the cause of the condition, not by treating the symptoms, in private one-on-one sessions.

Mind-Body Medicine is a collaborative process that is customized to your specific needs. Together we will identify health and well-being goals, assessment strategies and establish home practices to further you towards your optimal health goals.

Ailments that Mind-Body Medicine Addresses

(Specific practitioners may address symptoms other than what is listed below)

  1. Addictions
  3. Cancer
  4. Chronic Pain
  5. Physical diseases
  6. Emotional Imbalance (abuse, anxiety, depression, panic attack, low self esteem, lack of focus or direction, obsessive thinking)
  7. Fatigue
  8. Headache
  9. Hyperactivity
  10. Injury Recovery
  11. Insomnia
  12. Over-eating or Under-eating

Mind-Body Sessions are available via phone, video or text sessions with Lynne Hartwell and John Odlum.  

To book a Mind-Body session with John or Lynne, click here to email us. 

Or call/text us at 860.469.6130.

Holistic Healing & Aroma Therapy

It is TIME to receive some much needed TLC and return to a greater level of Healing and Well Being.  Book an in-person individual session that return you to a place of Health, Balance and Well Being-Naturally. Each session is custom designed to address the root cause of the stress, anxiety, pain, discomfort or dis-ease you may be experiencing. They also work complimentary to current medications, surgeries or current medical practice you’re receiving.  

Two types of sessions are offered:

  • EssentialBlissTM Aromatherapy Sessions-combining Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with Soothing Sound Vibration
  • Transformational Energy Healing-Combination of Sound Vibration, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing Technique, and Removal of negative belief systems and behaviors. 


Holistic Healing & Aroma Therapy sessions are available in person in our Hartford and Springfield area locations.

To book a healing session with John or Lynne, click here to email us. 

Or call/text us at 860.469.6130.

*Mind-Body Medicine is not intended to diagnose disease or dispense medical advice. This is not to be used as substitute for seeking medical treatment in severe cases. Clients who are in extreme pain, discomfort or facing life threatening situations are advised to seek Medical treatment first. Clients who seek counsel of professionals using the Mind-Body Medicine service may benefit from alternative practices that can alleviate symptoms and may return them to health, however this is not a 100% guarantee that a full recovery or cure will occur.