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Girl Talk

Girl Talk is a development group that meets at Solstice where young women can come together and share their experiences working through school challenges, friendships, family relationships and career hurdles.  We explore topics such as self esteem, emotional intelligence, communication skills, relationships and everything in between that comes along with growing up in an increasingly complicated world.  Each group is limited to 7 participants only.  

Each group meets bi-weekly for one hour.  A preliminary intake interview is required to ensure this is the right group for the interested participant.  We screen for an openness to grow, an interest in the well being of others, and a desire to live a happier life. 

  • Ages 14 - 18 meet @ 6:00pm RSVP here to reserve a spot
  • Ages 19 - 21 meet @ 7:15pm RSVP here to reserve a spot
  • Ages 22 - 29 meet @ 6:45pm RSVP here to reserve a spot