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Crystal Essence Sound Journeys-Guided Meditation

Presented by Lynne Hartwell and Doug Yaeger

Blissful Guided Meditation enhanced with a personal crystal, plant/tree essences, and soothing sound vibration (gongs, crystal/Tibetan bowl and other instruments).

Connect at a higher level of Relaxation and Rejuvenation. Feel transformed while using gentle but powerful healing energies of a personal crystal or gemstone infused with plant/tree essence (essential oil) attuned to your energy as you meditate. Relieve stress, tension, and pain as you are bathed in the soothing sounds of meditative instruments and receive individualized energy healing. There will be a crystal grid for you to place personal items or crystals/gemstones on for cleansing/recharging.

This will be a seated or lying down meditation (your choice) for about an hour. Please bring pillows, mats, blankets, etc so you can maximize your meditative experience.

Every Fourth Thursday      Cost:  $30.00   RSVP to Lynne at or call 617.872.6399.