We are excited to announce Cloud9 Online, our premium meditation app.
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Sample the variety of sounds and styles of our artists and musicians below. Personalized and fully customized meditations are also available.

Meet the Cloud9 Creative team

We are firm believers that paths cross for a reason. The Cloud9 Team is a great example of the right people showing up at the right time. Each member of this team is a successful, dynamic entrepreneur in their own regards. As individuals, they are committed and passionate about helping others heal… with words of encouragement, melodic voices, and captivating music. As a team, they make absolute magic happen. We launched our first app in 2018 and we have SO much more to come in the digital wellness space.

From left to right: Valerie Rogers, Sabrina John, Debra Lynn, Delanea Davis, Henry Edinger, Lynne Hartwell, John Odlum, Rita MacRae and Bradford Tilden.

Cloud9 Feedback

I love love loved this morning’s Cloud9 meditation and I hope I can hold onto this feeling all day! I loved the soothing nurturing voice, plus the visualization is staying with me, in a dream-like floaty feeling...love it!
— Jody R.
I love the Cloud9 meditation this morning. It really touched my heart chakra. Thank you for that.
— Chris C.
I LOVED today’s meditation. You sound so beautiful. This is a meditation I will keep forever. I have never pictured my soul before, and I was amazed at the form it took and how it looked through the visualization. Wow.
— L.H.
This app is the one for me. Whenever I am stressed, or when I can sleep, it’s a surefire way to help calm and sooth me. Last night I listened to the Cloud9 sleep meditation, and drifted off so easily. Thank you for creating such an amazing tool.
— Jess M.

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