For many of us, work is like a second home to us.  How we spend 40+ hours of our week can either greatly enhance or inhibit us on our Journey to Happiness.

When changes outside of our control happen at work, it can have a long lasting effect on us on a physical and emotional level.  Layoffs, changes in management, reorgs, and people conflicts are stress triggers that can hurt a company's performance and devastate its people.  These changes can take their toll on everyone involved: leaders, managers, employees and even families if we bring our work stress home at the end of the day.  Even under normal circumstances,  80% of people say they feel stress on the job with nearly half saying they need help in learning how to manage stress (The American Institute for Stress).

Solstice Strategy Partners helps management teams and their people implement strategies for working through change to for a more positive and profitable work environment.  We improving company culture, employee engagement and individual health for an optimized bottom line.  

Our Approach

During our engagements, we examine team dynamics, morale, company culture, areas of conflict & communication styles.  We analyze all inputs, then create a bi-weekly coaching program and leadership workshops that improve company culture, heighten productivity & improve company's your bottom line.  Our programs may include:

  • Executive Coaching   Unique support for the President / CEO, we act as a trusted advisor who can offer insight into how to resolve employee relations conflicts and how to be a more focused, nimble leader.
  • Team Building Offsites / Excursions   We create opportunities to bring employees together outside of the day-to-day in the office so they can function more effectively as a team.  Available onsite at your company, offsite at our office, or in destinations anywhere in world depending on your budget and company needs.
  • Leadership Development Mentoring  Personalized 1-on-1 sessions for managers and high potential employees.  Generally delivered via video conferencing (Skype, FaceTime), these sessions allow us to teach individuals how to be more conscious leaders, effective listeners and impactful communicators to drive better business outcomes.  
  • Workshops  We offer a broad range of courses in areas such as:
    • Customer Service
    • Communications
    • Conflict Management
    • Effective Selling  
    • Managing Emotions
    • Time Management
    • Stress Management

Typical engagements range from 3 - 12 months and are custom designed to meet your companies goals.   While we are based in Connecticut, we service clients across the U.S. and Canada.