The Power of Meditation

As a dual left brain/right brain entrepreneur, I have an insatiable thirst to learn more about the world around me, the people in it and about myself. As a co-founder of a four year old holistic health and wellness business, I spend a fair amount of time exploring self-help and personal development methods so I have a variety of tools and techniques to pull from when working with my over-worked, super stressed clients.

With a backdrop of a hyper politicized world, large catastrophic weather events and a resurgence of racial issues, we internalize this vibrational tension without even realizing it. Even if we avoid watching the news, we are still impacted by the moods and stress levels of those around us. As a result, we have less energy and feel more frustration. We are less productive and have more health issues. We need a daily practice for resting and recharging our minds and bodies more than ever.

So what can we do about it?

Earlier this year, I began working with an amazingly gifted healer and teacher named Laura Giro. Week after week, I visited Laura for Reiki and guided meditations. As we say in my office, "you have to do your own work". The more clear and centered we are, the better consultants and coaches we can be. We continuously challenge ourselves to practice what we preach. Seeing Laura regularly was just one form of me "doing my work".

A few months ago, Laura told me it was time to explore the world of Kabbalah. While many associate Kabbalah with Madonna, it is not a pop fad known only to celebrities and eccentrics. Rather, Kabbalah is an ancient paradigm for living. It teaches that all of the branches of our lives - health, relationships, careers - emanate from the same root. It's a methodology for understanding how the universe works and a way of connecting you to the kind of permanent fulfillment you seek.

Each morning, I begin with a daily meditation. Meditation is many things, but it is not boring! And as a part of my ritual, I journal the words, feelings and images that come to me. The meditations become increasingly more fascinating as I go.

Some days, friends, family members or acquaintances pop into my mind during a meditation. When they do, I send them a loving intention for their health, wealth and happiness. Other times, I have an inspired idea or a creative solution to a business challenge. More recently, I am getting full messages during my meditations. Similar to first waking from a dream, the thoughts are fleeting and quickly dissipate unless I capture them on paper. Therefore, I now journal my experience after every meditation.

Yesterday's message was beautiful, and exactly what I needed to hear...

"A mountain is just a mountain. A valley is just a valley. A plain is just a plain. You can enjoy the vista or travel the terrain. You can see it as what you must overcome, or enjoy each step you take as you travel it.

Discovery is about bringing to light something that is not yet known to you. Discovery requires a journey into the unknown. It may require travel outside or inside of your own mind. Be open to what this journey could mean for you.

Some places are afar. Some are close. Some are inside of you. You are now just beginning to understand what we wanted you to know.

Keep trusting. Keep asking. Keep listening. It gets easier and easier from here...

It is okay to be human. That is what you came here for. There will still be ups and downs but it is that duality that your soul needs to ultimately to be free of the wonder and curiosity. 

This should not surprise you. You are a curious human and a curious soul.

The more you know, the more you grow."

So where do these messages come from? My rational left-brain might say "It is your subconscious mind telling you what you need to hear". My creative right-brain would say "This is an intimate conversation between you and your spiritual guides who are helping you along your journey". Whether I am receiving literal advice from myself or channelling Universal Truths from somewhere beyond our comprehension is irrelevant. The bottom line is these meditations have had a dramatic impact on my personal and professional life.

In a few short months, I have more energy and clarity. My hyper productive "super power" became even more super-hyper-powerful. I am more a empathetic listener and a more creative consultant. Kabbalah has been like a massage for my brain.

I always tell clients to sample many methods and modalities for reducing stress, being more focused at work and feeling better overall. Meditation has infinite benefits, and comes in many forms. I am personally taken with the rich history and structured framework of Kabbalistic meditations.

If you are new to meditation, you can work with a mentor/teacher like Rita MacRae or Laura Giro or join a live or virtual class. You can also start by listening to guided meditations on YouTube, or try downloading the free Solstice Strategy Partners app.

While we cannot control the macro or even micro environments around us, we can set the stage for our inside environment. We can do more in less time and be healthier and happier in the process. Just imagine what the world could look like if everyone started their day with a little mediation.

Changing the world is possible... it starts with you. :-)