Welcome to our Journey To Happiness Services!  Our services are all designed to make clients feel safe, accepted and empowered. 

Tolland Office Offerings

Intuitive Life Coaching  These intuitive counseling sessions are deep, insightful exchanges between you and Solstice. Together we use our innermost guidance to unlock what you already know at your core.  These sessions allow us to remove our "cobwebs” so we may explore life with renewed clarity.  Sessions begins with a brief meditation to allow us to tap into our own guidance and unlock the inner healing energies we all possess. The "bumps in the road” we all experience transform from obstacles in our paths into guideposts that point the way to deeper learning and a new awakening.  We teach you to clear emotional blockages so you may life a live of joy and authenticity.  

Intuitive Readings Readings come in various forms and can be used for a variety of reasons.  Unlike Intuitive Life Coaching which is more counseling and mentoring in nature, readings provide you with a way to connect with passed love ones, angels or guides.  If you are new to receiving an intuitive reading, click here for more information on what to expect and how to prepare before your session.

Energy Healing  (Reiki)  Reiki is an ancient form of healing that enables the natural flow of energy within. Reiki relieves stress and pain, induces relaxation, releases emotional blockages, and accelerates natural healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.  What makes our sessions unique is the divine messages that come through to both the client and Reiki healer during the session.  We also utilize other energy healing techniques such as Bars Access Consciousness which works with 32-points that run in and around your head.  

Empowerment Groups & Workshops  Designed for individuals seeking something greater and more meaningful in life, these small group sessions bring together like minded individuals to explore topics such as Spirituality, Dream Analysis, Creative Writing and Intuition.  These groups promote self discovery, community and interpersonal growth.  Groups are safe, intimate & confidential.  New themed groups can be added upon request with 5 or more participants.  Please visit our Events page for more information about upcoming groups and workshops, or contact us to request the forming of a new group.  

Private Holistic Healing Sessions and Aromatherapy Consultations - It is TIME to receive some much needed TLC and return to a greater level of Healing and Well Being.  Our on-staff Alternative Medicine Specialist is available for individual sessions that return you to a place of Health, Balance and Well Being-Naturally. Each session is custom designed to address the root cause of the stress, anxiety, pain, discomfort or dis-ease you may be experiencing. They also work complimentary to current medications, surgeries or current medical practice you’re receiving.  Two types of sessions are offered: EssentialBlissTM Aromatherapy Sessions-combining Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils with Soothing Sound Vibration OR Transformational Energy Healing-Combination of Sound Vibration, Energy Healing, Crystal Healing Technique, and Removal of negative belief systems and behaviors.  

Virtual Intuitive Life Coaching

Now, our seasoned Practitioners can support you from the comfort and privacy of your own home anywhere in the world!  Our clients, radio listeners and brand fans span the globe!  We appreciate our supporters in the US, Canada, India, Japan, Germany, Thailand, France, Australia and the United Kingdom!  Our practitioners range from very early risers and night owls so we are all-time-zones friendly!  We are a simple video-click away!

Journey To Happiness Online Courses

We are thrilled to have interest from across the globe!  We are now offering virtual groups for those of you who cannot join us in our office.  All you need is a laptop or smartphone & you can join us via “Zoom”, an internet based application that allows you to video-conference in to our classes.  Below is our summer & fall line up:

Finding Your Spiritual Gifts – For Beginners

Have you ever wondered what intuition is all about? Where does this sense of "knowing" come from? We are all born with intuitive abilities. For some, intuition comes naturally.  For others, intuition requires unlocking the gift.  Everyone can benefit from practice, and a supportive community to explore and grow the gift.  In this 3-month virtual course, Intuitive Medium Rita MacRae leads private group instruction to those who wish to hone their intuitive abilities to make the best decisions possible in life.  

Advancing Your Spiritual Gifts - For Those With Experience

If you already know you have a strong intuitive gift and want to take your abilities to the next level, this spiritual development group for you.  Whether you are a practiced medium with a business or aspire to become one, join Rita MacRae’s and a group of your experienced peers for 3 months of private group sessions that will help you take your abilities to the next level.  We understand the emotional challenge of walking this path and are here to support you every step of the way!  

Visit our events page for more information about either of these transformational classes!

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This guided mediation activates your heart & third eye chakras, giving you more Confidence.  Written by Rita MacRae with music composition by Bradford Tilden.

 Our complimentary app offers a reiki-based guided meditations, the latest information about our events and allows you to book us for onsite or virtual appointments.

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The app is amazing; the meditations are so calming to the nerves! I specifically love the ‘Mind/ Body instrumental’. This is like a total mind detox. I feel very light while listening to it and sleep like a baby after. It’s unusual for me because I have initial insomnia. But with this one, I feel at ease, calm and relaxed enough to sleep peacefully. I must admit that I am not the meditation person, yet I managed to get random thoughts out of my head. I am glad I chanced upon this one. Thank you!
- Dr. Chhabra Ria

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