As a gifted intuitive, nurse, counselor, author and speaker, Rita offers private online & telephone sessions for those seeking higher level guidance in all major areas of life:  

Love/Relationships  |  Business/Career  |  Family  |  Finances | Health  | Connect to Loved Ones  |  Eliminating Roadblocks

You can receive guidance from Rita in three forms:

12 Month Road Map - This divinely channeled written plan offers key things you need to know about the next month, 3 months and 12 months of your life.  It also includes literal Next Steps so you are clear on what you need to do to be inline with your purpose.   Interested in ordering a Roadmap reading?   

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Private Readings - In a private reading, Rita delivers messages from your Guides, Angels or passed Loved Ones.  Questions are welcome in these sessions.  You will spend the majority of the time listening to what your Divine council wants you to know.  Audio recordings encouraged.  

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Spiritual Therapy - Spiritual Therapy takes Readings to the next level.  Formally trained in social work, psychology and nursing, Rita helps you process the guidance you may have been given in a reading, and supports you as you prepare to move forward on your path.  As a part of Spiritual Therapy, Rita teaches you how to form your own powerful connection to your divine council and just as important, your Higher Self.   

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About Rita Faith MacRae

Rita is a licensed practicing nurse, a Certified Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of
Hypnotists & spiritual counselor who specializes in helping women emotionally heal and spiritually transform.  She has a passion for empowering her clients to grow through personal and professional change so the mind-body-spirit are in alignment.  

She is an expert in Five-Phase Advanced Transformational Hypnosis® (5 Path) which is a progressive therapy that focuses on identifying the root cause of emotional pain, self limiting beliefs and destructive behaviors.  During the course of her  5-session program, individuals experience awareness, forgiveness, acceptance and self-love.  This allows individuals to release years of pain and trauma from the inside-out for a happiness they never knew was possible.  As a 5 Path practitioner, Rita joins the ranks with the top 1% of hypnotherapists in the world.  


Rita holds a:

  • Bachelors in Psychology from Mount Holyoke

  • Masters in Education from Springfield College

  • License in Practical Nursing

  • Certification in Level III Mediumship and Spiritual Counseling from PSYCHE Institute.

  • Master in Usui and Karuna Reiki

  • Minister ordained by Universal Life Church


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