A variety of services are offered by Solstice and its trusted partners who are all featured on the Cloud9 App.



Business Consulting - Delanea Davis

Defined as an analytic by some, and a creative by others, Delanea Davis wears many hats. With a passion for start-ups and helping business grow, Delanea is a co-founder and managing partner of Solstice Strategy Partners and Experience Design International. Her most recent creative endeavor is Runa, a self-help platform for empowering women that includes her first book, Rune Reading for the Modern Women: 30 Days to a Clearer, More Confident You.           

Counseling Services - Rita MacRae

Rita MacRaeis a motivational speaker, spiritual counselor and co-founder of Solstice Strategy Partners.  As a gifted intuitive and nurse by trade, Rita works with clients across the globe via video conferencing and phone. She is also a motivational speaker and author. Get to know Rita on her weekly Facebook Lives which air weekly. Or contact Rita directly at



Business Consulting - Henry Edinger

Charismatic, forward-thinking and dramatically effective are just a few words to describe Henry Edinger.  Henry is a known innovator and change maker in Customer Experience, Employee Engagement and Process Optimization.  His ability to diagnose operational breakdowns and gaps in service, and develop strategies for much needed change, is well known in the business community.  In addition to being a co-owner of Solstice, is also a co-founder of Experience Design International.

Massage Therapy - John Odlum

John Oldum is a licensed Massage Therapist and Healer. He is a natural teacher whose reach expands internationally.  John’s passion is to lead by example and is dedicated to healing those with pain – emotional or physical - with natural energies.  John’s positive persistence has led him down a path of simple, yet powerful, exploration of inner truth.  Listen, heal and relinquish your angst, challenges, hurt and pain with his meditations. Learn more with John at



Alternative Medicine - Lynne Hartwell

As an Alternative Medicine Specialist and Psychic Intuitive, Lynne Hartwell brings over 20-years of rich experience guiding thousands through issues of anxiety, grief, chronic pain, depression, and feeling lost or stuck. Lynne’s focus is on healing the body, mind and spirit using holistic modalities and methods including Medicinal Aromatherapy, ThetaHealing®, TSR® (Therapeutic System Realignment), Vibrational Sound Therapy and Holographic Sound Healing®.   Learn more about Lynne at

Vocal Performance & Voice Overs - Valerie Rogers

Describing Val Rogers may be like trying to describe the elements of nature.  As a mother of two boys, married to her high school sweetheart, Val brings to the team a realistic view of the challenging skill of balancing life, career, marriage, friends, family and passionate hobbies.  A former USO overseas performer, with singing as a natural talent, Val strives to find authenticity by doing her best in sharing openly her stories, music and love of life. To follow Val’s band, or to book her for private shows, visit Val at



Music Composition & Performance - Bradford Tilden

When you hear the music of Bradford Tilden, be it in solitude, or in public, be prepared for a moving and healing experience.  His original music- produced purposefully for the Cloud9 meditation Team -adds a dimension and depth not seen in any other meditation apps on the market today.  As an international performer, musician and composer, Bradford connects music with the meditative restoration power to the body, mind and spirit.  Experience the compassion, wisdom and energy of Bradford’s journey at:

Vocal Coaching - Debra Lynn

A Usui Reiki Master and gifted intuitive healer, Debra Lynn is sought after to teach the Bel Canto technique to singers and speakers worldwide. Her heart's vision is for everyone to access their voice with ease. Her passion for vocal coaching and writing stems from a 30-year recovery from codependency, aiding in the gentle release of trauma, pain, anxiety, sadness, addiction and physical limitations, allowing our movement into higher vibrational states of hope, peace, joy and love. To improve your sound for public speaking or singing, contact Debra at



Audio-Visual Art and Voice Overs - Sabrina John

Born and raised in England, UK, Sabrina John brings to the team the quality of the “modern-day-renaissance -woman” living in the international social media reality of technology and constant information.  Her audio and visual art weaves together the joy of living by balancing work, life and love with the contemporary challenges we face daily.  As a mindful innovative painter, she skillfully links the spirit of art with the spirit of living.  To comission Sabrina for a painting, poem or song, follow Sabrina on Instagram at: #sabrinajohnstudios