Intuitive Readings

Readings come in various forms and can be used for a variety of reasons.  Unlike Intuitive Life Coaching which is more counseling and mentoring in nature, readings provide you with a way to connect with passed love ones, angels or guides.  

Private Readings can be done in our Tolland office,  via video conference, or via telephone.  Readings can also be done with entire families or groups of friends at destination locations upon prior arrangement.

If you are new to receiving an intuitive reading, click here for more information on what to expect and how to prepare before your session.

Spiritual Development Workshops

Designed for individuals seeking something greater and more meaningful in life, these small group sessions bring together like minded individuals to explore topics such as Meditation 101, Spirituality, Sacred Geometry, Dream Analysis, Creative Writing and Intuitive Development.  

These groups promote self discovery, community and interpersonal growth.  Groups are safe, intimate & confidential.  New themed groups can be added upon request with 5 or more participants.  Please visit our Events page for more information about upcoming groups and workshops, or contact us to request the forming of a new group.