Steve Jobs once said, "Those who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who actually do".  Call us crazy, but he is talking about us.  We are here to teach people like you how to use the tools you already have to overcome any form of conflict to achieve any goal imaginable.

Conflict is something we all encounter.  We face it at work, at home, and even inside of ourselves.  It is a lot to manage for everyone.

Conflict at Work   70% of Americans are unhappy at work.  Why?  More often than not, it stems from a a breakdown in communication between people.  Expectations are not clear.  Assumptions are made.  Feelings get hurt.  People act out of fear.  Fear of failure, disappointment, and fear of not being good enough. 

Conflict in Relationships   As with work, conflict in our friendships and family relationships often occur when lines of communication are not open, or when there is a misalignment of values & needs.  When we are too close to a situation, it is difficult to see this objectively.  We get caught in a cycle of blame rather than accept that everyone in our lives are all doing the best they can.  Accepting others without expectations is hard, but once we see there are no victims or villains, we can move forward in life lighter and happier.  

Conflict within Yourself   Everything emanates from the self.  Being honest with yourself about who you are and what you need isn't always easy.  It often requires self-discovery, and a safe place to do it.  Once we discover and accept our true self, we may need encouragement to express it.  Once we release the fear and allow our true self to emerge, everything in life gets easier. 

We teach our clients to grow through conflict rather than go through conflict.  The key is to allow change to happen and embrace it when it comes.  It is all in your mindset and the understanding that the mind can influence the ultimate outcome.